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Rose Bag organized

Best Luxury Travel Handbag

It’s summer time which means it’s travel time! I don’t know about you but I’m beyond excited to get out of town and go on some needed trips with the family. It’s a great way for all of us to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with each other.

Rose Bag Travel Crossbody handbag

Best designer crossbody bags for travel

Traveling used to look a lot different (and chaotic) before I decided to take matters into my own hands. After one too many times dumping out the entire contents of my bag, digging for snacks for my son or holding up the TSA line searching for my passport, I knew something had to be done. Sure, there were carry-ons and bags out there, but I couldn’t find that perfect balance of functional and fashionable. 

How could I still look like a worldly traveler and stay organized?

I guess you could say it was my love of adventure that was part of the inspiration for the Rose Bag. I literally set out to put the chic in carry-on. We’ve thought of everything with this handbag: From the detachable strap that turns your crossbody bag easily into an on-the-go clutch, to compartments for your phone, keys, and everything in between. The Rose Bag is your perfect travel handbag whether you’re on your way to Europe or on a road trip with the family. Plus, it’s easy to fly with and is super lightweight so you don’t feel bogged down while you wait to board and deboard the plane.

“Traveling can be stressful and having the best designer crossbody for travel helps.”

The interior of the Rose handbag has a place for literally everything. You can pack your passport, clip your keys, grab your gloss, and you’ll still have room for all those other travel essentials that you didn’t even realize you needed. Plus, you can zip up the middle pocket so everything stays safely and securely in place while you’re out seeing the sights.

 You know what else makes this stylish travel handbag convenient? The hidden credit card slot! You can kiss the need to pull out a wallet good-bye with just a lift of the pink zipper flap. See, we really have thought of everything. Safe, secure, and always stylish.

 Now that we know the Rose bag is the new designer travel handbag must-have.. where will you travel with it?


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