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Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas in San Francisco Bay

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas in San Francisco Bay

Mother’s day is the second Sunday in May - every single year. And even as adults it’s sometimes challenging to know what to get for our mothers (or what to tell others to get us when they ask), or how to celebrate YOU. If you’re a single parent or a parent of a rainbow baby, don’t feel guilty celebrating yourself today.

One of the best things you can do for Mother’s Day is to RELAX - and celebrate it in a way that you love (or that your mother would love).

Pamper yourself - or be pampered. Read a good book. Grab a latte from your favorite coffee shop. Go on a stroll. Enjoy the beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area!

If you’re looking for gifts for a mom in your life, or ideas to tell your partner and kids when they ask.. I’ve created a lovely list of mother’s day gifts and celebration ideas for you - and they are local to the Bay Area, so you don’t have to go far. 

1. Sit back and get pampered!

Snag a skincare, waxing, or sugar session to pamper yourself (or your mother!) Because who doesn’t want to take an hour to recover and relax? Moms work hard! And this is a perfect way to unwind! And I have the perfect place: Pono Boutique - A Skincare and Waxing Boutique

Pono is a neighborhood skincare and waxing boutique that embodies the warmth of Glen Park, San Francisco. Located on the corner of Diamond Street, we exude our magic into the four corners of the earth.

We are an urban oasis, and while the hustle and bustle of the city goes on right outside, we welcome our guests into our sacred space, and offer beautifying treatments that nourish and nurture ones’ authentic self.” (courtesy of Pono Boutique’s website)

Get your skincare at home!

2. Get your skincare at home!

Kimberly the Soul behind Coastside Creations was born on the island of Oahu and growing up along the California coast, she was inspired by the beauty of the Ocean and anything tropical. She loves creating small batch artisan soaps, skincare, and body-care items that are non toxic and environmentally friendly. Find her at shopcoastsidecreations.com, Instagram @coastside.creations, and Etsy at CoastsideCreationsCo

From handcrafted soaps, to moisturizers, and facial mists, and home fragrances! Across the board, you will find something for you to enjoy here. My favorite are their soap bars! So many scents, textures, and styles to choose from. This is the absolute best way to pamper yourself a little every time you use them.

3. Splurge and get a stylish and functional handbag!

Leather artisan and designer, Chau Saenz has been dreaming about creating her own line for more than ten years. Timing is everything. In 2018, she enrolled in a leatherworks school, taught by a Hermes leather artisan. She graduated as a certified leather artisan and hand-stitched her prototype as a final project. That prototype eventually evolved into the handbag you see today - the epitome of quality, style, function, and purpose with a signature Chau Saenz flare.  

Chau Sáenz is a luxury fashion brand for sophisticated, modern individuals to experience the difference, not just the status. Her designs elevate you to be the best version of yourself, your way. Her mission is to empower you to create your own legacy. Not only does it make you feel special, but her signature pink interior serves as a reminder of self-love and positivity. She believes that handbags are not just accessories, but an extension of your daily story. You can have the best of both worlds—luxury, and practicality. A statement beyond status.

Make a statement with a Chau Saenz luxury handbag.

Use code MINIANNA at check out and receive complimentary shipping + a gift with a purchase exclusive to Mini Anna clients and friends. All orders will be custom packaged because you deserve it. 


4. Gift a portrait illustration of your mom or your family!

Claire of 2ndSeagull is a French artist living in sunny California. She has always loved to draw and her fascination in 3D animation led her to study art and computer graphics. For the past 7 years she has been a full time mom and discovered the joy in combining her charming illustrative style with the Cricut cutting machine to create layered illustrations as gifts for friends and family. In April 2022 she opened an Etsy store to start selling her artwork and accept commissions.

As a special Mother’s Day Gift to you: Claire at 2ndSeagul is offering 15% off family portraits using the code "MINIANNA15" until May 15th, 2023! 

5. Nourish your chi with Vitalichi Feng Shui.

Kelly Davlos is a feng shui practitioner at Vitalichi Feng Shui, mother to 8 year old, Sofia, and fur baby, Lily, a border collie. By using a compassionate and holistic approach with empathic and intuitive powers, she works with clients to intentionally transform the chi (energy) in a space to create a healthy and harmonious home that supports your personalized needs. Using the ancient wisdom of the 5 elements, her focus typically starts with Earth, which is strongly connected to Motherhood. It is the foundation of our wellness.

As a special Mother’s Day Gift to you: Kelly at Vitalichi Feng Shui is offering 20% off her services when you contact her and mention this Mini Anna Photography blog!

6. Get Sugared Up!

Humble Bee specializes in Sugaring Hair Removal, an ancient but not-so-well-known method of hair removal that is said to have been used by Cleopatra in her days. They have numerous California locations (the closest being in San Rafael, CA in Marin County) and they have been voted as the Best of Las Vegas Gold Winner For Waxing in 2022 from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

They offer sugaring and waxing (read about the difference between the two) for both men and women. This would be such a special gift for yourself or for a mother in your life to get ready for the summer at the beach.

While most are familiar with waxing, body sugaring is a form of hair removal that removes the hair from the follicle in the natural direction of hair growth using a sugar paste. The sugar paste is all natural made of sugar, lemon and water and has a consistency of taffy.

As a special treat for you, Humble Bee is offering $33 Brazilians! (Just text them at 916-665-0847 to book and mention this Mini Anna Photography blog for the discount)


7. Savor these stages of your life with a motherhood or family photoshoot with me!

Regardless of the type of session you choose you can’t go wrong! You can purchase a gift certificate for a Mother’s Day session that your mother (or you) would enjoy! Gifting a mother the opportunity to have memories documented in pictures for years to come is one of the gifts that literally keeps giving. No, like actually! Photographs are enjoyed for generations and generations, and can be used for so many different things - not to mention passed down in heirloom photo albums.

You may be thinking that you don’t want these photos to just live in your computer forever. You’re in luck. Mini Anna Photography offer full service photography. You will be able to order framed photos, photo album, calendar, and other printed products directly from your photo gallery, with a click of a button. So you can enjoy those photos every day in your living room, at your office, or as a gift to the grandparents.

The possibilities with a motherhood or family session are truly endless. Have an idea I haven’t mentioned above? No worries! Reach out - and let’s see if we can make it happen! 

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area Family, Newborn, Maternity, and Pet Photographer.

Yes, you read that right! I photograph all the moments that mean something to you from birth until your little ones leave for college! From baptisms, to newborn sessions, to maternity baby bump photoshoots, to studio sessions, to birthday cake smash sessions, milestones, and more!

Have an idea for a session you’d like to plan in the San Francisco Bay Area or Marin County?

I’d love to be considered! Let’s connect and plan your photoshoot in the Bay Area at Minianna.com

You can learn more about my entrepreneurship journey as a photographer in San Francisco Bay Area in my recent interview with Go Solo!

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