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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to show your mom just how much you appreciate her. Whether she's into cooking, fashion, or beauty, Audenticity has a wide range of products that will make her feel special. Check out our top picks for Mother's Day gifts below:

  • Personalized Gifts: These could include custom jewelry, a beautifully written greeting card, or photo books that highlight special family memories. Personalized gifts are a great way to show your mom that you put extra thought and care into her gift. An annual photo album from Artifact Uprising will likely bring tears to her eyes. Bonus: You can do a new album every year and never read another blog about “What to get your mom for Mother’s Day”. A bracelet or necklace from Easter Ahn Designs with a child's (or children's) initials would be a lovely reminder of them. If I were doing this, I might choose to get my daughter's Chinese name done instead of her initial. And the simplest personalized option would be a heartfelt card with a message about a sweet memory or thank you. Impressed Inc will even handwrite the message for you and drop it in the mail, so there's really no excuse!



  • Beauty/Skincare: Gifts in this category could include luxury skincare products, makeup, or a spa day experience. Many moms appreciate the opportunity to pamper themselves and feel rejuvenated. The women in my family have always been partial to jasmine, so the plant butter from Wash with Water would be well-loved. Ouli's Ointment's LOVE bundle includes their Bohali Nights massage oil candle (after the candle has melted, you can use the oil for a massage!), the OLA oil for those who don't like the stickiness of lotion, and the all-purpose balm. For a simple gift, go with a mani/pedi gift certificate with a non-toxic nail polish in a pretty neutral color.



  • Luxe/Splurge: These are high-end gifts that are often a bit more extravagant, such as designer handbags, jewelry, or just a fancy take on an everyday staple (e.g. slippers). Luxe gifts are great for moms who appreciate the finer things in life. Chau Saenz's beautifully crafted Rose bag combines my favorite color combo of black and light pink, is made of supple Nappa leather in Italy, and has so many thoughtful details like built-ins for your cards, keeping everything organized and neat. Elia Fulmen offers many different charms, but this Sunshine charm would be a great way to tell your mom that she's the light in your life. Finally, these Birdies slippers for indoor lounging is reminiscent of Hollywood starlets - I can absolutely picture Marilyn Monroe hosting a dinner party in these.




  • Cook/Baker: Gifts in this category could include cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, or appliances. For moms who love to cook or bake, these gifts can be both practical and thoughtful. Our recommendations below bring a bit of whimsy to the kitchen. (Note: If your mother thinks cooking is a chore, steer clear of this category!)



  • Sweets: For moms with a sweet tooth, consider including chocolates, candies, or other sweet treats. Or you could bake her a fancy dessert from her favorite cookbook.



  • New Mom Must-Haves: If this is her first mother's day, check out this special collection we've curated.




Happy Mother's Day!


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